Is your site family-friendly?

Absolutely! That said, only you know the exact parameters for what you want your little ones to see and not see. That is, while we don’t have specifically sexually explicit collections, some parents may want their kids to avoid seeing a collection based on a scary movie, a violent video game or a sexy pop star.

What can you tell about a person from the type of desktop wallpaper they choose?

Lots! You can tell if they have big dreams, if they’re crazy for travel, if they have a sense of humor, if they’re brand-obsessed or in love with Nature or all of the above! But the important thing about a wallpaper is not what it projects to others; it’s what it makes you feel, so find the perfect image for you and forget about everyone else!

Your collections are almost 100% visual. Any chance you’ll add more text-based collections (like autographs of famous authors or excerpts from literary classics)?

Our team is obsessed with the visual arts, but that doesn’t mean that text can’t be a thing of supreme beauty! Check out this cool with text and numbers on them Mathematics Wallpapers. We’re not above spending hours choosing the perfect font, for example. So hold that thought and keep checking back!

Is there a certain category of background that helps productivity more than others?

The type of wallpaper that will most up your productivity is the one that signals your brain that it’s time to work. If you go surfing every weekend, wallpapers of the beach may get you a little distracted at work, while an image of Elon Musk may spur you on to do something radical. You gotta find the images that speak to you. Now locate the perfect wallpaper and get to work. . .or catch that next big wave!