Wallpapers Q&A

Why would I want a desktop wallpaper when I have 8,000 adorable pictures of my dog?

We know your dog is the cutest and also happens to be a good boy or girl! However, personal wallpapers can be a bit of a distraction at work or may appear unprofessional. An image of your fur baby may signal to your boss that you’d really rather be at the park with your pup, while an image from our NASA collection may transmit the message that you are sharp, motivated and shooting for the stars!

If I have an older computer/phone/tablet will your wallpapers still work and look sharp?

Yes, the handy gnomes that live inside your device will sprinkle the image with magical dust and make everything lovely. Don’t abandon us just because your phone or machine isn’t the latest model!

What if I’m looking for a screensaver on a really obscure topic? Is it possible that your team could find one for me?

We love obscure topics! Nothing is too out-there for us, as long as we can find images that meet our visual standards, so let us know!

Does your site support any particular political agenda?

Our only agenda is making the world a more visually-appealing place, one wallpaper at a time. If we have a collection about certain political figures, it doesn’t mean we support their policies; it just means we found some cool wallpapers featuring them.